© Andrew Moon
Despite a gloomy forecast, the weather was mild and dry with even a bit of sun and we broke our record with 24 members turning up for work.  Work continued on preparations for a possible fourth field. This included cutting back encroaching willow and using the waste material to create habitat for the local wild life community. We have Nick Maksimovic to thank for guidance with the habitat methods and the heavy duty tree pruning. In addition to helping with these preparations a small group also carried out a litter sweep. The large amount they retrieved proved how essential the task is. We may need a larger flask for tea and coffee in future due to the exceptionally large turnout today.
Our thanks for good work go to Russell Ball, Emma Brading, Nigel Daley, Ken Davies, Phil Dobbs, Nilesh and Varsha Dodhia, Evelyn Fox, Ray Kristofiak, Mike Lansdowne, Sheila and Tony Lee, Alex and Rob Liddel, Eileen Petch, Andy Schofield, Nilfa and Ashik Shah, Bob Sheeran, Rosemary and John Toy, Paul Ward, Jack Westbrook and of course Nick Maksimovic, our grazier.
Jack Westbrook