A nippy day but clear blue sky perfect for a morning’s work party. We started clearance work for a possible fourth cattle field near the Iron Bridge. This comprised a couple of tasks; clearing a sizeable dense bramble area which we largely completed and clearance work along the perimeter to enable future fence repair work.

We were joined by Nick Maksimovic, the grazier, who cut back some willow trees to stop encroachment onto the field and later took the cattle off the meadows for the winter. They will be back in March.
 Splendid work was done by Russell Ball, Emma Brading, Ken Davies, Peter Ewer, Phillip Gibbs, Jeremy Shindler, Ray Kristofiak, Mike Lansdown, Sheila and Tony Lee, Eleana McFarlane, Eileen Petch, Paul Ward and Jack Westbrook.
Jack Westbrook