We all met at the pumping station on the canal side of the reserve and began work on the lake edge just north of Kingfisher Hide.  Our job was to clear the ground so that sunlight could reach the lake edge ground to encourage, among other things, small bird life.  This meant felling sapling, sycamores and alders and pollarding some hawthorns.  We stripped the saplings to make poles for possible use at a later date by us or the Trust and stacked them by the pumping station.

It was the biggest work party since the 1990s when we did some meadow cutting on the other side of the lake.  Those taking part were Ken Davies, Phillip & Julia Davies, Nigel Daley, Nilesh & Varsha Dodhia, Ray Kristofiak, Michael Lansdowne, Sheila & Tony Lee, Rob & Alec Liddell, Alison Marriott, Eileen Petch, Paul Ward, Ian Watson, Jack Westbrook and last but not least, Fred Sabini, an old friend from Boston, Massachusetts.  18 in all.  AND we did some good work. Finally, Ray Kristofiak very kindly took away our 2 ancient first aid kits to have one of them restocked in the light of recent medical advancement.

Ian Watson