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Thank you to everyone (164 of you altogether - a great response) who recently completed our online survey about this website. We have used the results to generate a two page specification of desired enhancements and we are now in the process of issuing that to various third parties who we hope might be interested in revamping the site for us.

As background the current version of this website dates from 2013. In technology terms that is a long time ago. Newer sites can take advantage of various technology upgrades, some of which we would ourselves like to exploit in the future.

The chart shows which potential enhancements were rated through our survey as being most likely to lead to existing users of the website using it more often (or much more often) in the future. We hope to address at least the top six of these (i.e. down to and including “Simpler Structure”) in the revamped version of the site.

The next stage of this project will be to appoint a contractor to design and build a new site for us. All going well we then hope for a website relaunch either towards the end of 2021 or in early 2022. In the meantime we shall keep you posted via news articles on this current site.

September 2021