© Andrew Moon

Work has started on the ‘Margaret Partridge Plot’!

On Sunday 12th April 2015 we broke new ground by working on the new strip of land which we acquired, thanks to members’ generosity, in 2013.

The job was to clear the plot of the remains of old chicken and pig pens erected during the second world war – timbers, iron posts, wire netting, corrugated iron etc., some of it was deeply buried under earth, brambles and stinging nettles. 

Thanks to Evelyn Fox, Paul Knutson, Sheila & Tony Scott, Bill Sylvester, Ian Watson and Jack Westbrook.

Not much to report except that It was a lovely day for working. We continued extending the dead hedge that we were working on during February. Just a little way to go now.

Thanks to our workers: Tony & Sheila Lee, Jack Westbrook, Bill Sylvester, Ian Watson & Mitch.

The aim was threefold:
1. To clear the remaining willow saplings from the water’s edge of the lake in the third field by the river.
2. To use the cuttings to create a dead hedge to guard the reeds.
3. To clear a path for geese to access the grass from the lake.

Dawn was the daring one. She dressed in waders and tackled the remaining saplings by the river

Peter and Andy cleared the geese path with the brush cutter and a rake. The rest built the dead hedge using Dawn's cuttings and a cutting pile left from a previous work party.

Thanks to our workers: Bill Sylvester, Peter Reynoldson, Dawn Goodair, Jack Westbrook, Andy Schofield, Ian Watson and Mitch


We totally cleared the reed bed on the Causeway between Stocker’s and Bury Lake of trees.

If we don’t do this regularly the willows will gradually take over and we will lose the reedbed which is a much rarer habitat than willow thickets. 

Thanks to Dawn Goodair, Tony and Sheila Lee, Bill Sylvester, Rob Vince and Ian Watson for a good morning’s work.