© Andrew Moon
Another morning spent at the lake edge clearing bushes and some trees to let in the sunlight on to this overgrown area. This time we allowed some of the branches to fall into the lake which will give protection to young fish (fry) from predators such as pike and heron and provide good territory for numerous aquatic invertebrates as well as guarding the banks from wave action during windy storms. Some branches were made into poles which were stacked ready for making dead hedges.
Josh Kalms from the Trust joined us and later sidled off with Tony and Sheila Lee to plant waterside flowers by the pond which he had excavated in the Summer on the causeway between Stocker’s and Bury Lakes.
Ray Kristofiak br ought a bang up-to-date first aid kit to replace our old one which dated back to 1990! Nigel Daley fitted new blades to all our bow saws which, not surprisingly, made sawing much easier.
Good biscuits were enjoyed by all and also some tasty, spicy Indian nibbles brought by Varsha Dodhia. Good work was done by Russell Ball, Nigel Daley, Ken Davies, Nilesh and Varsha Dodhia, Peter Ewer, Phillip Gibbs, Josh Kalms, Ray Kristofiak, Tony and Sheila Lee, Alex and Rob Liddel, Mel Roe, Andrew Schofield, Paul Ward, Ian Watson and Jack Westbrook.
Ian Watson