© Andrew Moon
Much excellent work was done to prepare our three meadows between the lake and the River Colne for the introduction of cattle in early June.  Our strong men moved huge quantities of earth from the middle meadow to repair the ground at the main field gate entrance to the reserve which had been badly damaged by heavy fencing machinery in January, so that every it time it rained it turned the path into something from the Western Front.  Other members then raked and compressed it into shape and dug a little drainage ditch to one side. 
Meanwhile, Jack Westbrook led a little party extending and cattle-wiring the fence by the corral.  They also managed to sink and cement in a support post for one of the field gates.  Finally, Evelyn Fox scattered grass seed on some damaged areas.
Biscuits were at their usual high standard and a whole large tin was demolished. Later a delegation of biscuits, led by Jamie Dodger, asked not to be invited to any more work parties.
Whilst all this was going on, we managed to do some good membership recruitment from passers-by who were very interested in what we were doing and in the prospect of cattle.
Well done Russell Ball, Nigel Daley, Nilesh Dodhia, Evelyn Fox, Ray Kristofiak, Tony & Ian Lee, Alex & Rob Liddell, Rowena, David & Johnny Peter, Bob Sherrin, Martin Taylor, Jack Westbrook and Ian Watson. It was very nice to welcome the Peter family and Martin Taylor who are new to our work parties.
Ian Watson