© Andrew Moon
The main job was to clear rubbish from the area on the other side of the River Colne coming down from the Uxbridge Road to the iron river bridge.  Despite the fact that we had had a major clearance this time last year we collected an amazing amount of junk - enough to fill 2 large builders sacks plus 3 smaller sacks.  We can always rely on the Great British Public!
Russell Ball set up our small marquee and did some good recruiting.  The wonderful sign designed by Emma Brading and produced by Nilesh Dodhia caused a lot of interest.  Many, many thanks to Nilesh who paid for it and gave it to FoSL.
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the reserve, Jack Westbrook led a small team strengthening   the cattle fencing and planting a few of the hawthorns left over from our last work party.
All good work thanks to Russell Ball, Nigel Daley, Ken Davies, Evelyn Fox, Sheila & Tony Lee, Alex & Rob Liddell (Alex is using his FoSL work as part of his Edinburgh Award qualification), Eileen Petch, Ian Watson and Jack Westbrook.
Later in the week Jack and Ian spent a couple of hours or so completing the fence strengthening and planting the last 3 hawthorns.
Ian Watson