© Andrew Moon
A marvellous turn out considering the foul weather. This enabled us to do a very ecologically important job of hedge planting on the boundaries of the three meadows between the river and the lake which are now fenced in readiness for cattle which we hope to introduce in April or May.
Our work consisted of thickening up the existing hedges that we planted a few years ago, which are now better protected by the cattle fence, and creating new hedges.  It is worth noting that FoSL has now planted 1300 hedge plants to create all the hedges to be found in the reserve.  We had 290 to plant, mainly hawthorn, but also a smattering of field maple, hazel, hornbeam, spindle, common buckthorn, common dogwood, guelder rose, holly and dog rose.  We planted most of them and Jack and I will plant the rest of them on Tuesday along with a few oaks and alders in other parts of the reserve.
Well done all, but particularly Jack Westbrook who was in charge and had done an awful lot of organising on the previous two days.  We welcomed four new work party volunteers, Maureen & Chris Bowles and Alex & Rob Liddles.  It was good to see Dawn Goodair at her first work party of the year.  We’d missed her.  It was also nice to see Lonneke Klein-Aarts from the London Wildlife Trust who made the interesting comment that hedges that have a tree sticking out every 30 yards or so are particularly good for the environment.
The next work party will probably be on the Uxbridge side of the river, clearing up rubbish left by the Great British Public during 2018.
Thanks for splendid work go to Russell Ball, Emma Brading, Chris & Maureen Bowles, Nigel Daley, Dawn Goodair, Lonneke Klein-Aarts, Ray Kristofiak, Sheila & Tony Lee, Alex & Rob Liddell, Michael Lowndes, Bob Sherrin, Ian Watson and Jack Westbrook.
Ian Watson