© Andrew Moon
This was the work party cancelled for 3rd February.  The trouble was that because of the weather and muddy conditions, the work I had planned (delineating the public footpaths through the cattle meadows) wasn’t possible. 
So, what to do?  Well, we did a few very useful repairing and strengthening jobs on some old fences; we toured the whole area of the cattle meadows collecting rubbish including stuff left by our tramp - yes, he’s back, folks!; we cleared the brambles in front of Fort Drew Hide including 30 or 40 beer cans!
Oh, and we recruited a new member who paid up on the spot. Not a bad morning and the biscuits were excellent!
Thanks to Russell Ball, Nigel Daley, Nilesh Dodhia, Peter Ewer, Michael Lansdowne, Sheila and Tony Lee, Alison Marriott, Eileen Petch, Ian Watson and Jack Westbrook.
Ian Watson