© Andrew Moon
Another jolly good turnout to continue the job we started in October, namely clearing the south-western shore of the lake and allowing vegetation to develop and flower.  This was a good place to talk to passers-by to give them the message about Stocker’s Lake and if possible, to recruit some new members. Everybody got stuck in and I reckon one or two new members are a real possibility. Very importantly the biscuits returned to the standard we’ve come to expect at a Friends’ Work party.
Thanks again to Josh Kalms from the Trust for joining the party and for giving us the benefit of his knowledge and thanks to our members who worked hard:
Russell Bell, Emma Brading, Steve Cohen, Nigel Daley, Ken Davies, Peter Ewer, Evelyn Fox, Mike Lansdowne, Tony and Sheila Lee, Chris Martin, and Ian Watson.
Ian Watson