© Andrew Moon

On a beautiful, sunny Autumn morning, we enjoyed the second work party of this end of the year. We worked on the western bank of Stocker’s Lake near the wooden bridge between the river and the lake.

The idea was that we would clear much of the overhanging branches and undergrowth so that more light could get into that area encouraging a better spread of fauna and flora. Some branches were dropped into Stocker’s to allow for a better habitat for the young fish and other branches and undergrowth that we removed were used to create a dead hedge where wire mesh was previously used to protect the bank. We had a huge turnout of volunteers who enjoyed the dappled sun of late summer and early autumn.

There was some loose talk at coffee time that the biscuits were not up to scratch. Nevertheless the biscuits were all eaten, but it was agreed that frankly, the sooner Ian was back in charge of buying the dark chocolate ginger biscuits the better, and oh yes Napoleon was right about an army marching on their stomach (or at least I think that is what he said!).

Many thanks to the following for another brilliant Sunday; Helena Petch, Ray Lansdown, Ken Davies, Nilesh Dodhia, Allison Marriot, Sheila and Toni Lee, Russell Ball, Evelyn Fox, Jack Westbrook and last but by no means Josh Kalms from The Trust who advised and gently cajoled members.

Nigel Daley