Wow! And what a party! 20 turned up, the largest work party since we did haymaking on the riverside meadows 15 years ago. It must be the ‘Brading’ Effect’ because since Emma took over as our volunteers organiser, the two work parties have been really large. Well done Emma!

The difficulty of course is finding work for 20 people in more or less the same area (so that we can convene easily for coffee and excellent biscuits). However, we managed. We cleared the alder saplings which had taken over the second pond by the boardwalk; we used a pile of stones left by the Trust to fill in a puddle and patches on our paths. (The Trust has been doing wonderful work in creating kingfisher nests - as featured on BBC Countryfile); We tidied up some timber left by the Trust – kept the good stuff and chucked the rubbish; cut back the hazel but kept the withy thus produced ( useful when we get down to layering – which Rob Hopkins at the Trust has agreed to teach us at our next work party on December 3rd).

Good work by Emma Brading, Nigel Daley, Ken Davies, Julia and Phil Davies, Milesh Dodhia, Peter Ewer*, Evelyn Fox, Dawn Goodair, Helen Harbrow, Marcus King, Tony and Sheila Lee, Eileen Petch, Andy Schofield, Bob Sherin*, Paul and James Sumner*, Jay Vala* and Ian Watson.    * New workers who are most welcome!

Ian Watson