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Fundraising Officer

FoSL has no paid staff and hence low overheads. However we need a reasonable amount of income to buy the materials necessary for the various projects which we want to undertake around the reserve.

We of course have a regular source of income through our many membership subscriptions. However there are potential opportunties to attract funds in other ways, perhaps through sponsorships, legacies or grants for specific projects. e.g. in the summer of 2018 we secured approximately £13000 in National Lottery Funding to part pay for fencing on the planned cattle meadows on the reserve between the lake and the river Colne.

This was a terrific result but it took a lot of time and effort from our vice Chairman, Ian Watson. We feel that there are plenty of other potential fundraising opportunities which we are missing simply through none of the existing committee members having time to focus on them. So if you feel that you might be able to help FoSL in this (literally) very valuable capacity, please let us know.