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Publicity Officer
FoSL needs someone to publicise its work within the local community, to foster public support for and appreciation of Stocker’s Lake as a local nature reserve. Thus we would hope to increase our membership, and hence our income, and hence our ability to do work on the reserve.
This job could be seen as part of membership recruitment. On the other hand it could be seen as quite separate.
There are many publicity opportunities open to us. Here are a few:
• Local press articles; e.g. to publicise our events or our work on the reserve
• Distribution of joiner leaflets, on the reserve, or in libraries, surgery waiting rooms etc.
• Posters to display in our bird hides
• Talks and slide shows; maintenance of a presentation pack plus a list of speakers who can talk interestingly and entertainingly about Stocker’s Lake and FoSL
• articles to go in the newsletters of other local organisations, or on this website
• promotion of our car stickers
• post cards depicting photos taken on the resevere 
Our membership list reveals that our members come from a fairly wide area.  Our main catchment area is a 12 mile radius of the lake, and so that is the area on which efforts should be focused. However we have members from rather further afield, even including France and the USA!
How about it? Like many of our roles there is scope for making as much or as little of it as you wish. If you are interested or would like to discuss further, please contact Ian Watson on 01923 282136.