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Events Organiser
FoSL needs someone to co-ordinate our programme of public events, to liaise with our walk leaders, eventually to recruit new leaders as required, and perhaps to expand our existing events programme.



We currently run the following regular events each year:
• Wildfowl walks in January and February
• A Warbler walk in May
• A Heron Watch in June
• A wildflower walk in July
• A butterfly and dragonfly walk in August

We have also run Hobby Watches in the summer some years, when the birds have been present.

We feel sure that potentially many other events might be run to introduce people to Stocker’s Lake and the wonderful flora and fauna it supports. At the moment the events are run on an ad hoc basis by committee members, all of whom have other responsibilities within the FoSL setup. We now need someone who will be able to focus exclusively on this responsibility.  

If you are interested or would like to discuss further, please contact Ian Watson on 01923 282136.