We are looking for someone to take on and co-ordinate membership recruitment. Ideally this will be someone who regularly visits the lake and enjoys doing so.

Every year we lose some members through people leaving the area owing to a change of job etc. Other people move in of course but we need to maintain our membership level by continually recruiting new members. We have found that the easiest and most effective means of recruiting new members is to talk to visitors on the reserve itself. Indeed not long after FoSL was formed vigorous recruiting in 1995 quickly pushed membership to over 1,000. Since then it has settled down to a steady 700+.

We need new members because members' £5 annual subscriptions provide our most important source of income. These plus a few grants have enabled us to spend over £65,000 on the reserve since 1990. But there's still so much to do!

What might the job involve? Well it would be up to you and we are sure that there are ways of boosting recruitment that we haven't yet thought of. However here are some ways which have proved effective in the past:

1. Joining our work parties and speaking to passers by

2. Public events; e.g. one of our wildlife walks

3. Talks to local clubs and societies

4. Leaflet distribution

5. Recruitment events.

The main thing is to be enthusiastic about the lake and its upkeep and to enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with others. If you take on the job, you won't be alone. Others will be glad to support you.

Please contact our chairman, Ian Watson, on 01923 282136 if interested or if you would simply like to discuss further.