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Thank you to everyone who contributed to our recent website survey. We received 164 responses altogether; a terrific result which will provide invaluable input to the website upgrade and relaunch which we are now sstarting to plan. Results from both that survey and the associated review will be published on this site in due course.

July 2021 

Good news! The Dexter cows, so vital to our strategic aim of restoring wildflowers to several meadows on the reserve, returned for the summer season on Sunday May 30th. The accompanying image, taken on June 10th, shows them happily in place on  the reserve.

At its recent meeting on May 4th our Committee approved an updated version of FoSL's Privacy and Data Implementation policies. For more details please visit our Privacy Statement page.

May 2021    

This year's two lockdowns have changed for the better many people's perspectives on nature and nature reserves, as illustrated by this recent article from the Watford Observer.

 Birdlife pictured at Stockers Lake in Rickmansworth - Watford Observer article

 November 2020