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A brief report by Barbara James of our August 2014 butterfly and dragonfly walk was provided in the October 2014 FoSL newsletter. However a more detailed, illustrated version written by walk leaders Jane Archer (Dragonflies) and Cliff Buckton (Butterflies) is now on our event reports page or available from here.

November 2014

As in previous years, a small but dedicated band of enthusiasts have recorded butterfly sightings during the summer of 2014. Each week, a recorder walked around the Lake recording all butterflies seen. Thanks to our excellent team of butterfly recorders, Carol and Dick Beeden, Cliff and Jacky Buckton, Carrol Scott, and leader Barbara James, we have some interesting results. For full details please download our 2014 butterfly survey report from here. Alternatively, read on for a brief synopsis of the main findings.

From our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Dick Beeden, Fosl is planning to expand its on-line services to its members. For more details read on...

FoSL's October 2014 newsletter is now being mailed and emailed to members. It is stuffed with many interesting articles including Andrew Moon's restyled 2013 bird report, recent event reports, news about tree work this winter, cattle, bats and much more.

October 2014