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This winter FoSL converted a 1940s pillbox, close to the reserve, into a bat roost. This involved narrowing the gun slots, putting up rough boards for the bats to cling to and erecting a very solid, locked door.

We are now monitoring water voles on the reserve. Water voles were once common mammals in British waterways but their numbers have declined by over 90% due to habitat loss and predation by the non-native American mink.

More butterflies were counted at Stocker's Lake in 2017 than in any other year since we recommenced regular systematic monitoring in 2012. Using the same methodology as in previous years, a total of 817 butterflies were counted in 2017. This is 72% up on 2016.

Herts and Middlesex trust are building a kingfisher nest site on the reserve. Rumour has it that this will feature on BBC's Countryfile programme on Sunday November 19th (BBC1, 6.15pm), when the programme is scheduled to visit Hertfordshire.

November 2017