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Courtesy of our bird recorder, Steve Carter, you can now read our 2018 bird report here. Read the full article for some headlines of Steve's report and also to see two new pictures from our offshore heron cameras.

March 2019

Last year our herons decided in their wisdom to breed away from either of our two new cameras. However hopes are high that this season we may be luckier. Last year both cameras were static but over the winter we have upgraded one to a tilt and zoom type. It is rotatable through 360 degrees, zoomable and it can focus on a variety of nests including several currently with sitting herons. 

The results of this year's Stocker's Lake annual Butterfly survey have now been published. Reflecting the national picture, our results show that the hot, dry summer produced a record year for sightings, especially during July and August, although there were notable further declines in some species.

At last – a breakthrough!  We hope to have cattle on the 3 meadows between the Lake and the River Colne by Spring next year.