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Are you aware of the wonderful work done by CW Wildlife Rescue, a charity based at Stocker's Farm which is adjacent to the reserve? FoSL recently made a donation to support the work done there and they have just sent us the following piece about their work with hedgehogs. 

"At this time of year we begin our hedgehog season when we take in young hedgehogs who will not be able to survive the long cold winter. We currently have around 30 hedgehogs in our care, many of whom are below 300 grams in weight. These young hogs were born in the late summer/early autumn which does not allow them enough time to prepare for winter.

"Baby and juvenile hedgehogs are frequently found in daylight, searching for food, often confused and disorientated. We are currently receiving a high number of calls asking for help with these vulnerable youngsters. Our role is to look after these young hogs, firstly by warming them up in an incubator and assessing their medical and care needs. Once they are well enough, our focus turns to their need to gain weight in order to be ready for release in the spring. Food is offered in the late afternoon so that their nocturnal behaviour is maintained as far as possible. Cat food and small cat biscuits are given each evening. They also enjoy treats of waxworms and blueberries and water is available at all times. The weight and health of each hedgehog is assessed daily to ensure that they are ready for release in the spring. Last year we ‘overwintered’ nearly 60 hedgehogs.

"As hedgehogs are now an endangered species, each one will be carrying the hopes for future generations.

"Any hedgehog out in daylight is almost certain to be in need of assistance. If you find a hedgehog in need, put it in a box and keep warm in a quiet place. Don't feed it but contact CW Wildlife Rescue on 07508 819197. We will be able to advise you of what to do next.

"We would like to thank the Friends of Stockers Lake for their generous donation which has helped us to care for and feed these wonderful animals."

November 2021