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In early November FOSL Wardens Russell Ball and Nicola Pazdzierska hosted a party of students from Hayes and their teacher for a visit to the reserve. Teacher Ros Massey (who also brought her lovely dog Achilles) later sent us a thank you note. Here is an excerpt.


‘Dear Nicola and Russell,

Thank you so very much for giving up your time to meet with our Year 11 students from De Salis Studio College yesterday, and for talking to us about the cattle, trees, hedgerows, mink, bats, birds and Stockers Lake in general. It was so very interesting and the students were chatting enthusiastically about it for the duration of the return trip!

I really hope that this visit will inspire them to keep in touch with nature and volunteer to get involved with some projects.
(We might like to think about a Green Gym working party for them next time for an hour?)’

FOSL were really delighted to hear that the young people enjoyed themselves and the visit has hopefully ignited a keen interest in nature.

November 2021