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Our heron nest cameras have recently been capturing some great images and video clips of the nesting season in progress. A selection of images has now been put on in the gallery section of this website, starting at page 2.



The images in the gallery are all dated and so you can see from them how quickly the chicks have been growing.

See also these two video clips. This first clip, taken on February 29th, shows a number of nests including one, the nearest (nest 4), with three eggs. Then this later clip dated March 15th shows the same nest now with three chicks. Ad keep checking our Facebook page where latest videos and clips are also being posted from time to time.

In future years we hope that we may be able to resolve the one or two technical issues still outstanding which are currently preventing us from being able to live stream pictures from the nest sites. In the meantime we hopw that you will be able to enjoy these various images and video clips.

April 2020