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On Saturday 7th December local members of the Jain gathered with FoSL representatives to plant an English Oak tree to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Members of Raj Saubhag, UK and other well-wishers will plant another 149 trees at the reserve in March 2020. The OneJAIN initiative, “Planting for Peace” is to spread the message of peace and harmony whilst helping to combat climate change through planting of trees. Members of the community have collected £1500 by encouraging sponsoring a tree for £10. On full maturity, an oak tree can produce oxygen for 10 people and will provide shade and home for countless birds and insects.

At this planting ceremony on December 7th there was a real exchange of common aspirations of protecting our natural environment. The Jain Declaration on Nature was read by FoSL Vice Chairman, Ian Watson. According to Jain, cosmology recognises the fundamental natural phenomenon of symbiosis or mutual dependence, which forms the basis of the modern day science of ecology. (It is relevant to recall that the term `ecology’ was coined in the latter half of the nineteenth century from the Greek word oikos, meaning `home’, a place to which one returns.) We then all stood in a circle sending our positive energy under the direction of FoSL Recruitment Officer, Russell Ball by saying “Grow tree Grow”.

December 2019