Last year our herons decided in their wisdom to breed away from either of our two new cameras. However hopes are high that this season we may be luckier. Last year both cameras were static but over the winter we have upgraded one to a tilt and zoom type. It is rotatable through 360 degrees, zoomable and it can focus on a variety of nests including several currently with sitting herons. 

The picture below was taken in early February 2019. This is the pre-nesting period as the birds start to think about breeding. Later this season we hope to publish further pictures of actual nesting activity.

At this stage we have no permanent power supply onshore. So we are unable to stream live film or photos. However we hope to be able to do so in future breeding seasons. In the meantime we shall publish photos on this site from time to time. So watch this space! In addition you may wish to join our heron and egret watch event on March 24th when we hope to be able to demonstrate live pictures. See our events page for details.

February 2019