We are delighted that some activity has been observed through our new offshore camera. Very obligingly herons seem possibly to be about to take up occupancy of a nest on which our camera is focussed. Read this whole article for a sample picture and for an overall update on this project.

Our Camera project, first announced by Dick Beeden at our 2017 AGM, has now reached the point at which we have a live camera feed from an active nest on one of the lake's islands. See above for a sample picture taken this week. At this stage, although pictures are being streamed onshore they are not accessible without specialist equipment and software. In due course, once we have completed our onshore installation, we hope to be able to make the pictures more generally accessible. That work is currently ongoing. In the meantime, and during the upcoming breeding season, there are a few ways in which you might view further pictures :   

  - Come to our Heron Watch event on 25th March. At this event we plan to show live camera pictures via a laptop computer. As usual we shall also provide opportunities to observe nesting birds through a telescope. So do come along.

  - Come to our AGM on April 11th. As well as providing an update on this overall project we plan to show you some of the latest pictures and film footage from the nest site.

  - Keep checking for updates here on this FOSL website or on our FoSL Facebook page

Further details of both of the two events referenced above might be found on our events page.

21st February 2018