More butterflies were counted at Stocker's Lake in 2017 than in any other year since we recommenced regular systematic monitoring in 2012. Using the same methodology as in previous years, a total of 817 butterflies were counted in 2017. This is 72% up on 2016.

Butterflies were counted on the reserve weekly between May and September by a team led by Barbara James. All observations were contributed into the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme database.

Our results seem to be in line with the overall national picture, with prevailing weather conditions thought to have contributed to a bumper year nationally. Big winners at the lake were the Red Admiral (up 75% on 2016 and 300% on 2015) plus the Comma, Common Blue and Small Copper, up 90%, 109% and 62% respectively on 2016.

For further information please download our 2017 Stocker's Lake Butterfly report, which Cliff Buckton has compiled for us.

November 2017