A recent evening of bat research at the lake has yielded some amazing results. A total of 55 bats were trapped in a single night, of which no fewer than eight turned out to be rare Nathusius Pipistrelle bats. These included one bearing a ring showing that he had travelled around 1,000 miles from Latvia!

The research was conducted on Friday 25th August by a team led by Patty Briggs. It was done as part of an ongoing national programme. Approval for the trapping was given by HMWT after the presence of Nathusius Pipistrelle bats on the reserve had earlier been demonstrated using acoustic bat detectors. The 55 bats trapped on the night included Soprano, Common Pipistrelle, & Daubenton’s bats in addition to eight male Nathusius Pipistrelles.

Following the success of this exercise some follow up monitoring is now planned. So watch this space!

September 2017