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Complaints Handling Policy
1. All complaints will in the first instance be addressed to the secretary or if received by others referred to him or her.
2. The complaint with the action and outcome will be logged by the secretary. A standard acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint will be sent by post/email as appropriate explaining that the complaint is being investigated and that FoSL will reply to it in due course..
3. The Chair to be kept informed of all complaints by copy of communication(s) with the complainant.
4. The secretary will make sure the substance of the complaint is something to do with FoSL. If not (e.g. HMWT or the water company) the secretary will use their best endeavours to find out for the complainant who they should be complaining to and provide them with relevant contact details.
5. If it is a FoSL issue the secretary will seek information from the relevant committee member or members and between them draft a response. The final version in a letter or email to be under a FoSL heading and go in the name of the secretary.
6. Should the complainant not be satisfied with this response the matter will be passed to the Chair who will decide how to follow this up. This may include taking no further action beyond acknowledging the dissatisfaction.

September 2015