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The FoSL committee recently reviewed FoSL's main operational risks and insurance arrangements. This has led to £5,000,000 of public liability insurance cover being put in place.

Following a recent review of the main risks to FoSL's overall operations, the FoSL committee considers that the two main risks which it needs to manage are :

1) a possible accident - a slip, trip, fall etc. - occurring during one of our guided walks or other events

2) an accident at one of our regular work parties resulting in injury either to one of our volunteers or to a passing member of the public.

Clearly the best way for us to manage these risks is to try to prevent occurrence through, for example, ensuring that paths etc. are properly maintained and that walk and work party participants have adequate footwear, use appropriate equipment etc. So we shall continue do our best to ensure these things. However it is perhaps good for members to know that should the worst ever come to the worst, we do in fact have adequate insurance cover for any eventuality.

October 2015