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The work of FoSL requires volunteers. We have no paid professionals, though we employ contractors from time to time. Our committee members are all volunteers. So too are those who help on work parties, lead wildlife walks, conduct wildlife surveys etc.

We need more volunteers. Specifically we currently need to fill the positions listed below. Further information on each can be found by clicking on the job title concerned. For further information still, or to indicate interest, please call our Vice Chairman, Ian Watson on 01923 282136.

There is only one rule governing our volunteer work; namely does the work contribute to achieving the stated objectives of FoSL? How you go about your job will depend on you, particularly your enthusiasm, determination, resourcefulness and how much time you are prepared to give to the job. You can make it a big or a small job. It is up to you. Every little helps. Below is a list of the roles we are currently seeking to fill.

Recruitment Officer

Events Organiser

Research & Recording

Publicity Officer

Work Party Co-ordinator

Work Party Volunteer

 November 2013