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Are you aware of the wonderful work done by CW Wildlife Rescue, a charity based at Stocker's Farm which is adjacent to the reserve? FoSL recently made a donation to support the work done there and they have just sent us the following piece about their work with hedgehogs. 

In early November FOSL Wardens Russell Ball and Nicola Pazdzierska hosted a party of students from Hayes and their teacher for a visit to the reserve. Teacher Ros Massey (who also brought her lovely dog Achilles) later sent us a thank you note. Here is an excerpt.

Thank you to everyone (164 of you altogether - a great response) who recently completed our online survey about this website. We have used the results to generate a two page specification of desired enhancements and we are now in the process of issuing that to various third parties who we hope might be interested in revamping the site for us.

A Pyramidal Orchid has been found this month on one of our cattle meadows. See picture.