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Two of our regular work party members, Nilesh and Varsha Dodhia, have come up with the marvellous idea of planting 150 trees in the reserve to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.  They have enthused their friends and the local Indian community who have come up with £1500 to buy the trees.

2019 was a good year for butterflies around the lake with a total of 826 butterflies counted through the summer. This is the second highest count since the current surveys started in 2012, and is comparable to that of 2017. The count was 26% down on 2018 but due to weather conditions 2018 was an exceptional year. 

Following a chance meeting Martin Ketcher of Herts & Middx Wildlife Trust (HMWT) asked FoSL to help encourage the return of the delightful water vole to the River Colne that borders one side of our reserve. The water vole is of course “Ratty” in the “Wind in the Willows”. Water voles were seen on our reserve in the 1990s but when mink arrived they disappeared.

Good News! After 6 years of effort and planning, cattle will be introduced to our meadows between the River Colne and the Lake from the new enclosure near the iron bridge at 10 am, on Saturday 8th June.