© Andrew Moon

As expected given the arrival of storm Dennis on Saturday and overnight into Sunday, no-one turned up for the walk, although from about 10.00 to 10.30 the weather was not too bad.

It was rather wet underfoot though. If people had come it would have been a bit disappointing as there was not a lot to see in part because of the strong winds and in part because it has just not been cold enough to drive the migrants this far south.

On Bury Lake (from the causeway) there were some widgeon, lots of coot and tufted ducks, a few great crested grebe, a few swans, a few cormorants and the odd mallard.

On Stockers there was a flotilla of over 50 Canada geese (which took off en mass, rather spectacular), coot, tufted ducks, a large number of shoveller, a pair of golden eye (in front of Kingfisher hide), black headed, lesser black back and herring gulls, herons and not much else. Small birds were definitely keeping their heads down. I saw none. Unexpectedly the flooded meadow on Stockers Farm was also very quiet.

I did make good use of the time though as I was able to monitor the heron nests out on the island using our cameras. There is nesting behaviour going on at quaite a lot of nests and it is possible that a couple have eggs with herons sitting tight. 

Dick Beeden