© Andrew Moon
Saturday was a day of gale force winds and I very much wondered whether we would have to cancel Sunday. However, Sunday morning was partly sunny, although windy at times.
Twelve of us gathered on the Causeway.  I had enlisted the help of members, Cliff, Alex and Anna and with their expertise we had a great time identifying far more butterflies and dragonflies than we thought we would see.  We started off towards the path leading towards Fort Drew and before we had gone very far saw a brown hawker dragonfly and a number of insects.
The insects were mostly found by Arthur, the young grandson of one of our members.  He knew so much about insects, butterflies and dragonflies and it was a joy to watch him. 
We saw some butterflies as we walked towards Fort Drew and then more as we headed across one of the meadows along the side of Stocker’s Lake.  We then walked along the River Colne where we found damselflies and demoiselles including the red eyed damselfly. It was a most enjoyable morning.   A full list of the species we identified follows below.
Linda Ascroft
Green veined                            
Large white (a few)                             
Meadow brown (at east 2)            
Painted lady                                   
Red admiral
Small Tortoiseshell
Brown hawker
Common darter
Banded demoiselle (a few)
Banded male demoiselle
Blue tailed damselfly (lots)
Common blue damselfly (lots)
Red eyed damselfly (at least 2)
Other Insects and Spiders
Crab spider
Dock beetle (mating couple)
Large hoverfly
Meadow grasshopper (at least 2)
Shield bug